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Games Played March 17, 2007

We had a great St. Patrick’s Day. Sue and I fixed a meal of favorite recipes – Herbed Pork Medallions, Special Twice-Baked Potatoes, Antipasto Salad, and Crème de Menthe Cake (for a green dessert). After the big lunch, we decided to work a bit of it off by playing Bocce in the front yard. Dan won easily, and we were sure that was correct, even though he was the scorekeeper.

It was Kassi’s day to select the card/board games. She had not played Station Master, but she wanted to learn it, so that was the first game. Kassi certainly is a fast learner, and she won the game. With 7 players, you sometimes have no chance to place a passenger token on a small train, because it gets filled before your turn. However, with the same number of locomotives on the table as there are players, there are lots of choices throughout most of the game. Somehow Kassi jumped out to an early lead and never relinquished it. Results: Kassi first (284 points); Mason second; Sue third; Joel fourth; me fifth; Katrina and Dan (tied) last. It was the start of a bad gaming day for Katrina and Dan. 

Bohnanza was up next, although Natalia chose to not play with us this time. Joel has a real knack for this game. I believe he has won or tied for first every time we’ve played Bohnanza this year. Results: Joel first; Dan and Kassi (tied) second; Sue fourth; Katrina and Mason (tied) fifth; me last.

We couldn’t talk Natalia into playing Trumpet, either. It was a wild game. I did not get dealt a trumpet card until the last hand, the only person not having at least one sooner, and both Katrina and Sue had two trumpet cards in their hands at least once. At the end, Joel and I were jumping each other down the stretch, with Joel ending up on the penultimate space. In the last hand, Joel led to the first trick, but didn’t have a winning card. On the next trick, Sue led. Every suit she had in her hand was a suit I was void in, and I was holding a trumpet card. Katrina, Joel, and Dan played after me, but they had to follow suit, so I won the game. Results: Me first; Joel second; Mason third; Sue fourth; Kassi fifth; Dan sixth; Katrina last. 

Natalia finally joined us for the last two games. Kassi had brought out Settlers of Catan, but decided she would rather play all shorter games, so it never made it to the table. The next game was Pickomino, which is becoming a frequently-played game for us. With 8 players, the scores are very low in this game, especially if there are lots of scratches, as there were today. However, Sue acquired 5 worms, which is not easy in our group. Results: Sue first (5 worms); Mason second; Natalia, Kassi, and me (tied) third; Joel sixth; Katrina and Dan last (zero worms).

We finished the day with three quick games of Zirkus Flohcati. We always add the three scores together, to count as one game. Katrina had the best score at the end of the first game, with Mason one point behind. Natalia scored the only gala of the day in the second game, to move into third place, behind Katrina and Joel. But the third game was the decisive one. With everyone picking on the leader, Katrina, when we had the chance, she scored the fewest points of the three games, while Mason scored the most points of the three games and surged ahead for the overall victory. Results: Mason first; Kassi second; Joel third; Katrina fourth; Natalia fifth; Dan and Sue (tied) sixth; me last.

We played no medium or heavy board games today, which was a little out of character, but it was a fun day. Although Trumpet is basically a card game, it does depend on the movement on the board to make it the interesting game that it is. Pickomino is a push-your-luck dice game, and the other games we played were strictly card games. We really enjoy a wide variety of card games, only a few of which are played with a regular deck of cards.

Next weekend, we all plan to be on a family retreat (the beginning of school spring break for our two students and two teachers) in Estes Park, Colorado. We will pack a lot of games, although we may not play many with all of us in them at the same time, so perhaps only a few will count in our family gaming records. Along with books, DVDs, and maybe some puzzles, we will have a lot of indoor entertainment with us, although we plan to also tour part of Rocky Mountain National Park and do some shopping in town. Everyone looks forward to this annual adventure.


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