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I had the opportunity to play Railroad Tycoon recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. The board is huge, but still gets crowded with track, especially in the northeast. The mechanics are excellent, and it is a challenging game. For a first time, I felt I did well, finishing second in a 4-player game. I enjoy some railroad games, and this one is based on the PC game by the same name, a game I have played many times over the years on my computer.

I have also played several games of Silverton, another railroad game. These games have been 2-player, and although I have lost each one, I think I am improving. I would like to try Silverton with three, or preferably four, players. I believe that would significantly change the game.

 Manhattan is a neat game. I’ve played twice — lost terribly the first time, and won the second time. The first game was a 3-player, and I kept trying to compete with both the other players, while they avoided competition with each other. Not a good strategy on my part. The second game was a 4-player, and although the board was more crowded, I enjoyed watching the other players jockeying for position with each other and leaving me some opportunities for spreading out and dominating 2 (and sometimes 3) areas. It’s a neat game that I could enjoy playing anytime, but preferably with 4 players.

Scavenger Hunt is a hilarious card game, if you don’t mind the theme (scavenger animals fighting over carcasses on the African savannah). I played two games of this recently, 4-player games. Both games were won by the player (different players) with the crocodile scavenger. My son-in-law has played it with his family numerous times, and he said the crocodile almost always wins. It’s possible there is an imbalance here. We may need to modify the characteristics of the crocodile for future games.

I was glad to have the opportunity to play Alhambra two days ago. I really like that game, but have never done well at it, with 5 players. This was the first time we had played with just 4, and I managed to win easily. Maybe I need to just play 4-player games!

 Finally, I recently enjoyed a game of Hellas. That is an intriguing game. I even won it. Having the right cards at the right time makes a big difference in this game, but that’s true in many games. There are aspects of many games in Hellas. I see some tastes of chess, Tongiaki, Carcassonne, Risk, and even Memoir ’44 in it. That is a weird combination, but Hellas combines these elements in a fun and challenging game. It has tile-laying, combat, card management, exploration, area control, resource management, and can involve bluffing and surprise moves. A fun game for two players.


March 5, 2007 - Posted by | Games

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