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Games Played February 24, 2007

We had time for only four games this Saturday afternoon, but enjoyed them all.

We started with Settlers of Catan. With seven players, we play only to a winning score of seven, rather than ten. This was about an average length game for us, a little over an hour, I believe. We had two ore hexes on “9,” and “9” was rolled frequently.  Ore was in great surplus. Near the end, it was a close race among Katrina, Kassi, and Joel. It looked like any of them could win. On Katrina’s turn, she played a Monopoly card, collecting most of the ore cards in the game. She still wasn’t sure she could win, but finally figured the right combination of upgrades and building, plus the one VP card she had, and pulled off her second game win of the year. Results: Katrina first; Kassi second; Joel third; Sue, Mason, Dan, and me tied for last.

Next up was Bohnanza, a real favorite.  It is difficult to estimate the number of gold each player has, until it’s counted at the end of the game. It looked like Dan had wrapped up the win, until Joel (as usual) counted his gold. He tied Dan for the win, which means Joel’s record still holds. We have played Bohnanza four times this year, with seven or eight players, and Joel has won (or tied for the win) in each of them!

Natalia wanted to play only Nertz this time, so we played several hands of it, not keeping score, with eight players. I believe Mason went out three times, Kassi once, and Natalia once.

We finished the day with Carcassonne (with The River, The River II, Inns & Cathedrals, and Traders & Builders expansions). Joel decided not to play this time, so there were only six of us. Everyone was doing well at the beginning, except Katrina. Finally, she scored a huge city, to jump in second place behind me. I had a good lead virtually all the way through the game, but Dan acquired almost all the trade goods, of all three types, which meant he would have a tremendous bonus at the end of the game. I still thought I might  be able to win. Near the end of the game, I managed to tie Dan in the number of barrels, which I thought might wrap it up for me. But, Dan found one more opportunity to grab another barrel just before the end of the game. The 30 points bonus for the most of each kind of trade good pushed Dan past me for the win by 23 points. It was an exciting finish. Results: Dan first; me second; Mason third; Sue fourth; Kassi fifth; Katrina last.

The next game up was Drakon, a new game for us that we haven’t yet played. I’m really looking forward to trying it, but Mason and Kassi had to leave, so we called it a day. One of these days, I’ll actually get that game to the table, I hope.


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