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Missed the Boat

Today, I feel like a guy who had an idea for inventing something, but didn’t get busy and work on it, and when he began to get serious about it, he found someone else had just patented it.

Well, my situation is not quite so important as an invention. I had been thinking about how games come to an end, not the victory conditions, but what causes a game to stop. Of course, I’ve been too busy to really work on the idea. So, this evening, I logged onto BGG, just to see what was new, and there, right in front of me was a new GeekList posted on that exact topic. There’s something there about “missing a boat,” I think.

I believe I will still pursue the topic someday. I notice that most of the examples and discussion posted as of this time relate to newer, popular games. I would like to delve into the finer nuances of how games end, and deal with games throughout history. I think it will be interesting to note the development of more complex game endings through the ages, consistent with the development of a more complex world. Perhaps this will be my primary thesis.

The GeekList will be a good source of data for me. Given the fact that the list exists on BGG, I will not publish my findings on BGG, but probably will post it here, whenever I get around to researching and writing it. Now that I’ve posted this thought, I probably will miss the boat again, and someone will post a great article somewhere else. Oh, well, I will try to identify some unique additions to whatever may exist at the time.


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